We've recently moved hosting servers. You'll notice our previous blog posts were not carried over. It was old news anyway and we're heading into a new year, so I guess we're ready for a fresh start.

In addition to the items in the store, we hold licenses for Artisan Guild, Cast n Play, and Printable Scenery items. It has been quite the chore to try to list all of the new models released each month. Going forward, we will post the monthly collection photo as a single listing and choose your pieces under the individual listng. The general price is as follows:

25mm single minis ~$5

Modular 25mm minis 4-6 figures sets ~$16-30-ish

Terrain and village pieces vary by size by design house  ~$50 - $1200

This is not a set pricing, just an estimate of what you can expect before you inquire.