governors mansion

Governor's Mansion

It's been a crazy summer so far. I want to thank all of my great customers. We got slammed with a ton of custom print and paint orders at the end of April. I am just now reaching the tail end of that batch. As expected with 24/7 usage I had some printers break down and was torn between getting them fixed and continuing with the paint commissions to get those rolled out. Took some time out to do that. There was also a death in the family, and that kind of threw me for a loop. I continued to work through that period, but it was difficult to keep my head in the game.

Aside from 'life events', I've been having a great time with the medieval church and church ruins. I had the pleasure of printing Winterdale Tavern, and boy does it print nice! It is one of the earlier models from Printable Scenery and prints mostly whole. I was impressed. So, this summer, I'm focusing on more of the Winterdale set, towers, docks, merchants. I'd like to head in the direction of having more table ready pre-painted items in the shop for you heading into this fall and winter, setting up for everyone's hibernation campaigns. :)

The Hagglethorn Hollow KS will be finishing up soon, and we expect to have those files available for print when those release. I have to say, I like the idea of swappable modular levels between buildings!

Hagglethorn Hollow by Printable Scenery

Hagglethorn Hollow by Printable Scenery

And don't forget, we have the full line of Fates' End Dice Towers, Dice Jails, and now GM screens, from both Kickstarters. Anything not shown in the shop is still available for print, (I have all the files released up to this point)! Just message me and we'll get you setup to get one.

Octotank by Fates End KS2