Here we are, March 2024. I'm still a bad blogger for not keeping up, but the shop was still going strong, so there's that.

   There have been some new things out lately via Kickstarter and one of those is the new GM screen 2.0 by Fates End.  It's a hex backed GM screen and has complete organization for your TTRPG. It comes in three styles, and all have TONS of shelf and box accessories included. It has slide lid boxes in two sizes for keeping your dragon face magnet holders, and player class initiative trackers, and other markers. It also has miniature display shelves for two or five characters/ NPCS, pencils cups, and I'm throwing in two BONUS dice towers with trays for players at the other end of the table, in addition to the ones on the screen itself, the one facing the players, and one that rolls out to the GM for secret rolls. There is one change here. The Delver's Dungeon will come with the Master's style separate dice towers as a bonus, as there were no separate towers made in the Delver's package by the designer. In addition to the center panel and two wide side panels, you also get four smaller side panels.

Masters Citadel GM Screen

Delvers Dungeon GM screen

Gothic Enclave GM screen